August 12, 2002

Keyboard for Those on the Move

In one of my (ironically, typo-laden) earliest entries in this blog I discussed the difference between typing and writing, and the fact that I write with my left hand but type with both.

The New York Times today covers a patent for a one-handed "stealth keyboard" that is more like a glove and a cylindrical keypad than like any kind of board. (This reminds me of a concept called "HandJive" that an old friend of mine has had in the works for years.).

While the wearable computer of the future might be an ideal partner for his invention, Mr. McKown said, "I'd be in trouble if I had to wait for the display" necessary to make such computers practical. He says his invention can already be used with laptops or palm devices, though he has not produced anything other than prototypes.


Photos of Mr. McKown's prototypes can be viewed on a Web site he set up last week, Anyone can download his engineering plans after agreeing to a free evaluation license.

Posted by xian at August 12, 2002 8:46 AM
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