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Monday, April 7, 2003

R.I.P. Babatunde Olatunji
I first saw Olatunji as the opening act at a Grateful Dead new year's eve concert at the end of 1985. (That night was also the first time I saw the Neville Brothers, which started me on a strange odyssey through the Meters to Jazzfest and James Booker, but that's another story.) He enraptured the basketball-arena sized crowd, teaching the audience call-and-response chants. He brought a sense of the sacred and the ancient to his sophisticated riddims.

Sue W. forwarded this from another list today:

We've just learned that our respected and beloved friend and brother Babatunde Olatunji passed away Sunday, April 6, at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur. We wish that his spirit may forever be rewarded for the good life he led among the people, and may his soul pass into perfect peace forever. Let us resolve to carry forward his love for people, for the earth, and his belief in the healing power of rhythm and music. Peace and Love to You, Baba Ken Okulolo and Jackie Wilson
(No, not that Jackie Wilson!)

Say amen somebody.

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Enhancement to Radio's 'recently updated' page
You know, the ol' Recently Updated page here at Salon Blogs might be even cooler if it included a title or brief excerpt from the most recent post. It would make the page something of a composite blog ezine. How hard would that be?

I realize this takes a back seat to getting it stable and functioning again first!

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Operation Iraqi Liberation

It's been over three weeks since this (Who's leading Who?) appeared in my in-box and it still creeps me out every time I go take a look.


I think it's the phallic nose.

And, no, I've never thought this conflict was merely about oil, but it still amuses me to imagine the operation named as above.

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IM status seen today

Spotted this IM status message from the environs of Chaif consulting today:


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Google as OS

Every few years some new technological framework comes along to challenge Microsoft's dominance of the desktop. Since the advent of the Internet, Microsoft has managed to fight off Netscape (IE), Java (.Net), application service providers (Hotmail), remote process calls (SOAP), and U.S. antitrust law (Bush).

OK, I'm waving my hands here. Not all these things are comparable, obviously, even putting politics and law (social code) aside. This article by Elwyn Jenkins at Microdot News (Why Microsoft Must Compete with the Google Operating System) makes an interesting case that Google is putting together what the author calls a knowledge operating system, or KOS:

A KOS handles the storage and retrieval of information organized [such] that knowledge can be built using both the storage and retrieval mechanisms.... Having purchased Pyra a little over eight weeks ago, Google has in place the core components. Using a browser, a knowledge worker can create information pages organized into reverse chronological order and save these as a blog. Through the fact that a blog is an organized and regular way of storing web pages, Googlebot has a good chance of discovering and indexing these pages very close to the time they were created. Through careful wording of the blog titles and other fields, a blogger can greatly influence the way that page is represented in the Google Database. Using a free site search tool from Google, I can also now retrieve the information using keywords and full-text searching for that information the knowledge worker stored.

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OK, OK, dullest blog

This one keeps showing up on my screen, so I might as well note it. The Dullest Blog in the world is a deadpan satire of inconsequential web journaling. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. Yahoo's crack crew of editors can hardly contain their mirth:

Web logs have reached critical mass and become ubiquitous on the Web. Even though a great number feature thought-provoking, interesting content, the majority of the blogs littering the Internet landscape are the ramblings of the Web's self-proclaimed arbiters of cool. The blogger behind this endeavor, however, will not bore you with lavish descriptions of last night's homemade spicy Bulgarian tomato soup with couscous dumplings. No, he's crankin' up the level of boredom to eleven. For instance, on March 18, this intrepid blogger stated "I looked at the clock and saw that it was getting very late, so I went to bed." Not one for ambivalence, on January 3 he thought he "might do some things," while just a week later, he made the important decision to "not to do something." This dull diarist offers a humble yet humorous respite to the pretensions so often found in the web-logging world. A big yawning "Huzzah!" to you, sir.

We get it. We get it. You get the joke. It's a dull weblog, right. It's boring. Ha ha! Like they all are, or most anyway, except the well written ones but not the cool ones or the ones with pretensions, especially not the ones with pretensions to arbiting what's cool and what isn't on the web. No, that's best left to highly paid professional web scourers at Yahoo. We get it.

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Blasphemy supersedes pr0n
In the recent community server crisis I failed to notice that Jan Haugland's Secular Blasphemy has edged out Pornographer's Picks for the No. 10 spot in the Salon Blogs rankings, knocking PP out of the top ten for the first time ever.

Soon he will pass RFB in the rankings, then the Raven will pass the dormant pornograph and eventually evict me from the top ten as well, as he deserves to. It's been a good run...

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CSS layout problem in my personal blog

I've been trying to sort out the design elements at X-POLLEN. Right now I'm trying to track down a CSS (style sheet) error, and it helps me visualize the various design blocks to give them distinct colors and ugly borders.

The problem is in the left two-thirds (links) area of the page. The banner (across the top) and what Movable Type calls the content div (the main area taking up the right two-thirds of the page below the banner) are working more or less as intended. I'll be tweaking the colors soon, but the various boxes appear where I expect them to with the propertiies I've given them.

It's over on the left where something is wrong. The whole links panel is supposed to show the same background color as the content area (as around the search box), but it's showing me a whie background right now. It's also supposed to have a dotted border, I think, and that's not visible either. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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