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Monday, April 14, 2003

Embedding trackbacks alongside comments
Tom Coates posted a cogent explanation of how he has tweaked his templates so that incoming trackbacked post excerpts appear in the midst of comments on his archive pages.

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Weblog business strategies conference June 9-10
JupiterMedia is putting on a conference called Weblog Business Strategies Conference & Expo 2003, "The Premier Business Event for Blogs" in Boston on June 9 and 10. Dave Winer is giving the keynote address. David Weinberger will also be giving a keynote, along with Jason Shellen from Blogger/Pyra/Google, and Tony Perkins from AlwaysOn:
This two-day conference will discuss the evolution of blogs from a mere "log" of favorite URLs from the late '80s and '90s to a platform that the business world is taking seriously.... will present trends and analyses, expert opinions, case studies, and "how to" sessions that will help medium to large enterprises add Weblogs into their business strategies.
Topics to be covered include I'd love to be there. We'll see. I've already got New Orleans at the end of this month (JazzFest), Greece in May or June, and Gnomedex in July.

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Saddam hussy?

This Yahoo entertainment news and gossip article (Saddam Starred in Gay Porn Films!) reads like an Onion article or some disinformation, but who knows? Say, wasn't Salam Pax reported to be a closeted gay man (I think I read that in the New Yorker) from a well connected family?

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Enlarge your coalition!!

---begin forwarded text---


(cont'd) ...

(thanks, MZ!)

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Dave: The web needs OPML directories
Is that a revolution in your pocket or are you just sporting an OPML directory renderer?

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The Independent on RSS (and blogs)
The Independent has an article discussing the concept of RSS today, in the context of "electronic newspapers."

[via The Well's blog.ind conference]

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