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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

'Radio Userland Kick Start' breakthrough
I posted a note on Rogers Cadenhead's blog, similar to what I posted here about the fact that Rogers's book represents a watershed or breakthrough because it's not about weblogs in general but covers one specific tool. Dave Winer posted a followup comment agreeing and I found myself writing an extended reply. It got so long that I felt funny about hogging up a blog comment page like that, so I'm posting it here (btw, thank gopod for multiple undo in Camino's form text boxes or I'd be reassembling this from disconnected blocks in my brain):

absolutely, dave. as you know i've been tracking this market pretty closely and i think this means the days of general-level "gee whiz" books on blogging is drawing to a close. besides product-specific books (on the obvious usual suspects), i next anticipate to see vertical approaches (such as "blogging for journalists," "blogging for teachers," "blogging for project managers") and other niches and angles should ensue before the whole blog model has evolved to the pointed where publishers will have to start over again.

personally, i'd still like to write a nonfiction book about what weblogs represent, what they can do, and where they might be going.

and, yes, chris, i am budgeting some time to completing the first title in my "nanopublishing with..." e-book miniseries.

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First book on a single blog tool
I've been following the blog book market pretty closely this last year and with the recent Google acquisition of Pyra to get Blogger and Neotony investment in Six Apart to support Movable Type and then TypPad, it's kind of cool to note that the firstr book dedicated to a single specific blog tool is on Radio.

Scripting News reports that Rogers Cadenhead (a top selling computer-book author, writer of the Workbench weblog, and friend to Salon bloggers and Radio users alike) is doing a book called Radio Kick Start (great title!) for Sams:

Rogers Cadenhead is doing a book on Radio to be published this summer by Sams Publishing. Chapter 1 is on the Web for your review. Very cool! Thanks Rogers. [Scripting News]

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Radiohead's lamest album

Scot Hacker is all over the new iTunes store story, dropping wisdom on theory and practice left and right. Caveat: a man who calls OK Computer Radiohead's lamest album is a man who has outgrown cannabis.

[UPDATE: Scot begs to differ, insisting that the album was merely dull. Great minds, it seems, don't necessarily hear alike.]

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Brought home the good weather
Everyone says it's rained pretty hard the whole time we were out of town, but it was only partly cloudy (thick, fat clouds, though, with gray areas) last night and today I'm seeing the same windswept crystal blue sky we had in New Orleans, decorated by the local variety of cloudfluff, so maybe the same unusually weather we got down there came back with us on the plane?

[backyard sky]

Down here on earth, back in the maelstrom it is.

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