May 16, 2003

metageneric antiblog spot

Heading making clever pun on 'blog': i'm a journalist. see my daring posture vis-a-vis blogs: they are too influential to too small a group of people. popular bloggers are bad and the taste of the blogosphere is incorrect or corrupted.

google is making things worse. it's giving me opinions when i expect primary sources. me not able to linkthrough!

people link to each other. too many people link to the same people. it's not just unimaginative, it's unfair to me because i dismissed this for a while but now i want in and all the good blogroll spots are taken.

i hate you bloggers. i refuse to even link to snooty snoot. i hope kottke sees this.

Posted by xian at May 16, 2003 4:27 PM
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