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Thursday, June 5, 2003

The only good terrorist
Orcinus hits the nail on the head (again). He was writing a while back about how Christian extremist terrorists in the U.S. are described as lone nuts or wackos and not identified as terrorists by the FBI or Justice Department. They are always treated as exceptional. I really don't see the different between Eirc Rudolph and Mohammed Atta:
Eric Rudolph and the face of terror. The arrest of Eric Rudolph has made for some interesting stories afterward. I especially was interested in the New York Times piece about the local reaction to the arrest, which opened with this nugget:"He's a Christian and I'm a Christian and he dedicated his life to fighting abortion," said Mrs. ... [Orcinus]

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Buy, buy!
Hmm, the valuation of RFB just keeps going up at Blogshares. Looks like Chris Pirillo bought 1000 shares recently. We're up to $22,000ish overall. I'm sure that's chump change on the big board, but I do like the shape of those graphs.

Does it matter that I don't have the blogshares logo permanently in my template? I just posted it to the site once and eventually it scrolled off.

Oh, and I still expect this site and my others to disappear some time today and then reappear on Friday or over the weekend.

Oh, and Bill Safire beat me to the punch by writing about how DARPA's Life-Log project is like a diary on steroids. Suddenly I realized that all this blogging is training people to log their personal lives and thoughts on the centralized interweb, the way shoot-'em-up video games have trained us all for special ops.

UPDATE: Yes, we were sidetracked on Friday unavoidably, and then the new OS didn't drive its ethernet card the way it should, and the hard-disk swap did not go as smoothly as planned, and Murphy be praised, lo and finally the work was done fully a week later, and then some. Hallelujah.

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