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Monday, June 9, 2003

My RSS feeds are flaky
Sometimes my Radio RSS aggregator just seems to miss a post or three from a given site. I use it to gather posts to my other blogs all in one place (x-syndicate) and then I generally promote most general interest entries to the Radio Free Blogistan blog, since it has the largest regular audience (Memewatch has a bigger audience but it is more transient, more Google-driven, and more spikey around hot-button topics such as Michael Jackson; X-POLLEN's audience is growing too, though it tends to be just the more personal stuff).

So, anyway, this post (I grabbed it from the LiveJournal feed for X-POLLEN) from last Friday, I think, never came through here at RFB though I waited for it :

doing stuff... experience guilt over dental checkup, no coverage for proposed $454 mouthguard for grinding - would valium be cheaper? ... sort out remaining sections of chapter 5 to write ... talk to b about friday plans, about ladies who happy hour, about seeing grey pawn trio at cato's later tonight ... blog kat's monkey cat sexy post ... go back to to find photo shops in oakland near city clerks ... telnet to xroad to start the backing up process ... get distracted reading rss news feed for 15 minutes, consider and then decide not to respond to cross-post or decry several entries ... (why so tired of weblog minutiae? is it the seybold seminar in september?) ... realize for the fifth time that his was no the year to skip going to BEA, but deadlines are deadlines ... fix x-ism page from latest hack - they replaced the index page on my out-of-date textpattern beta too ... get birth certificate (forgot last time but just as well considering how badly those pictures came out .... open new thinkpad battery that will enable summer backdoor bloggin', powering up now ... catch up with flame.ind on the well ... work some more on long reply to delshad's last message (check mail) ... tar up home/xian folder ... gzip it ... become root to remove nasty hacker index.php file, stop being root ... re-reupload correct index.php to restart ol' textpattern ... post a new item to x-ism to jostle things loose ... check off 'fix x-ism' on the to do list ... find out why tar process keeps dying ... go out to get new passport photos taken....

Random from today's RSS feeds: Dave Winer has got some great stuff today "real-world applications for Idealism," and some edgy stuff about the New York Times.

UPDATE: Finally, "doing stuff" came through when the RSS feeds were jostled by the rebirth of DNS, virtual hosts, and blog engines, on the sixth day, but by then it cluttered up the smaller pithier links that followed, so I will delete it and keep the quoted copy embedded in this entry. The original is still at X-POLLEN after all.

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Writers who inspire me today.
If my host (and hence MT server) weren't down for maintenance and upgrade today, I'd post the following to (arts)flow or Infinite Work over at ezone.

Instead, I'll save it here because damn I wish I had Susannah's balls:

Why I Like to Smoke Crack.

Today, I wrote up a two-page proposal for my novel and sent it to a famous publisher. Why? Why not. I've got nothing to lose. Except my crack supply and my adult diapers. These are the important things in life. While we're on the subject, remind me not to do yoga right before I blog. Clearly, it makes me dizzy. Anyhow, I was researching stuff online for my novel today. Fascinating. My novel takes place in Los Angeles, bien sur. LA. The City of Angels. Hell-Ay. A wack-ass town it is. These are some of the things I looked up: Big BinocularsEl Tarpits, Das Chemosphere, Los Donuts, The Tower, Angels Flight, Bougainvillea, and many other things. It was great because it was like being in LA but not leaving the house or moving at all. I also wished a lot of times I would start smoking cigarettes again. I smoked a lot when I was in graduate school. That was part of the whole "I'm A Complicated Graduate Student" vibe. Also, if you live in Chicago, you have to smoke. It's the law. I went to graduate school there with the famous author Lily James. She is fun. You can buy her novel, High Drama in Fabulous Toledohere, and her short story collection, The Great Taste of Straight Peoplehere, and read a great article she wrote for BookSense about being a "PoMo Mama" here. G'wan. I'll wait while you do it. OK. You're back. Hello. Well, all I have to say is that life is hard, and that's just tough shit. Word to my crack pipe. Wait. In closing, I want you to know I took the picture above on the way home from that god forsaken soul-killer of a BookShitzpo I went to last Saturday. Which, if you couldn't gather by my intentionally vague blog post about it, sucked the life out of my asshole, and I hope to never ever return. Ever. Never. No. Fittingly enough, and only in Hellay, I was driving around through shit-filled downtown LA afterwards, trying to get home, and I was sitting at this redlight, thinking what a pot of mush my brain was becoming, and thinking what a pot of shit life sometimes can turn out to be, when this bus to the right of me started making this very slow moving right turn, and it just tapped, really, just a touch, this fire hydrant, and FOOMP!, off it went, and then there was this tower of water, straight up into the air. There was a small gasping huff of delight from the crackheads on the sidewalk, and the people boredly waiting in their cars, and maybe even from the sky up above. It was a wonderful thing to see exploding over all of us. A surprise for that day, in one's life, indeed. Yes. It was. And how. That is all.

[the reverse cowgirl's blog]

I was at the book release party for a friend of mine. The book is called 12 BLISS STREET and I'm reading it now in hard cover. It's great. I forgot what a great writer Martha is and I used to be her agent (but I suck as a fiction agent because I like writing too much, so I'm glad she got a "real" literary agent and then a "real" publisher - St. Martin's).

I've also been catching up with Jonathan Ames recently, who is finishing his latest novel, doing a one-man Eric Bogosian play in Brooklyn, appearing on Letterman, and headed for the Montreal Comedy Festival. I was tempted to suggest he do a blog (it would knock Neill Pollock out of the water), but he doesn't really seem to need it with all the exposure he is already getting. Jonathan is an amazing storyteller, an incredible mimic, and the master of an at-times shockingly frank voice of unselfconscious self-revelation.

I vote him most likely to have already succeeded. I'll stick some links in this thing when I get a minute. I'm coming to the tail end of my manuscript submission deadlines for the FrontPage book I'm cowriting, and I expect to get a little more free time, a little more creative time, a little more downtown, a little more writing time, a little more hammock time.

Also, I miss the Raven, who didn't much care for the Kowgirl's schtick let alone Nils Polchek's.

Some good book news: a second edition of the Phish Companion (Backbeat Books) by the Mockingbird Foundation (ably represented by Ellis Godard) in the works, several exciting if nondisclosable upcoming titles from Peter Seebach (BSD, Unix, OS/X) and Kim Seefeld (bioinformatics, Java, R).

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