August 11, 2003

And they were singing...

TDavid of Things that ... make you go hmm has recorded another rendition (partial) of Blogistan Pie.

If these keeps up I may have to make my first audblog post ever to contribute my own a capella version. You'll wish I hadn't!

Posted by xian at August 11, 2003 10:35 AM
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Are journalists journalists?: Duncan Black (aka Atrios) indulges in some rare metablogging at Eschaton: One question I find rather silly is the "is blogging journalism?" question. The fact is, most of what we've agreed to collectively call "journalism" isn't really "journalism" - or, to the extent that it is, much of it isn't any... (Journalism)
Movable Type's professional logging play: Farhad Manjoo chronicles Movable Type's rise from a opular nearly free weblogging tool to a product positioning itself for the corporate market ( Technology | Blogging grows up).... (Business)
On this day in 2002
The B Word: How ugly the word blog sounds, and despite that there's no denying it's more catchy, somehow more fun to say than weblog. Part of that may be fatigue around the word web along with the pleasure of using a clever neologism, something a little more playful than unconscious language evolution. But... (Memes)
Blogging No Longer Cool: Elizabeth Spiers writes in her Capital Influx blog about the end of cool for bloggers, or the inherent uncoolness of blogging, or how cool it is to be uncool, or something like that: The uncool result of the cross-linking is that something weird or interesting happens and you and fellow blogger... (Memes)
Problem Upstreaming Changed Web Service File: When I created the subs.txt file in my Web Services folder and called the service via SOAP, I discovered that the service expected to find a tiny coffee mug graphic I didn't have, and because the img tag had no width='10' height='10' attributes specified, the long alt text showed up, breaking... (Weblog Concepts)
Schoolhouse Blog: All this talk of Knowledge Logs generally presupposes a corporate (or to be a little more neutral, an enterprise) environment, but educational institutions are the prime focus of knowledge sharing in society, no? John Robb points to Weblogg-ed, a Radio blog, and Lincoln Public Schools, a crisp-looking Manila-managed site.... (Memes)
X-Pollen: Think Halal: Over on my mediajunkie blog: There's More to the Muslim World than Palestine. think halal: the muslim group weblog has a provocative report of the attitude of an Indian Muslim who sees the Palestinian question sucking up all the media attention and aid while gujarat is largely ignored. [mediajunkie: junk mail]... ()
E-commerce (with PayPal and Dreamweaver) on a Budget: Chapter 21 of Dreamweaver Savvy described how to build an e-commerce site. Here's some useful advice from Macromedia for adding PayPal services to such as site: The PayPal eCommerce Toolkit extension for Dreamweaver MX allows web designers and developers to quickly and easily add e-commerce functionality to a website. [Macromedia Designer... (Business)
Can't See the Blogging for the Blogs: John Robb commented on the Times essay comparing bloggers to pamphleteers: Seems ridiculous that the media would continue to confuse a powerful horizontal tool (very much like desktop word processing) with how it is used by a few people. [John Robb's Radio Weblog] I've always found that the Internet is a... (Memes)
Why Not Blog?: A few good reasons not to blog on the weekend. [xian]... (Weblog Concepts)
How to Display Which RSS Feeds You're Subscribed to: Just followed Jenny Levine (The Shifted Librarian)'s very clear instructions for listing my subscribed aggregator feeds in the navigation column of my home page. Publishing this entry should update my template and show who I'm scanning every day.... (Weblog Concepts)