August 12, 2003

The true future of blogging

Rageboy describes himself to his fantasy woman and suddenly groks

the true future of blogging, where it recedes once again out of the vulgar public sphere and returns once again to where it always belonged: sweet one-on-one pillow-talk lies, snuggled down deep and comfy between creamy satin sheets.
Dig it.

Posted by xian at August 12, 2003 12:31 PM
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On this day in 2005
Blogs (and wikis) help fulfill the read/write web: Sometimes it's useful to remember that Tim Berners-Lee's first web browser has an editor built into it, as he reminds us in this BBC interview (Berners-Lee on the read/write web): Towards a rewritable web ML: I'm interested that at what sense you began to sense the possibilities. You weren't thinking car... (People Power)
On this day in 2002
Woe at Macromedia: Scott Kessler writes in Business Week that Macromedia has suffered from its acquisition of Allaire and continues to see soft demand for its products: Macromedia's wager was poorly timed. Some 17 months after the company bought Allaire, demand for its products is still weak and there's no recovery in sight. In... (Business)
How to Stop Blogging: Ben Brown (of So New Media) thinks we're due for a book about how to stop blogging: Isn't that the thing that like 50 people are writing 100 different books about? Seems like overkill to me. What I'd really like to see is a book about how to STOP blogging. With... (Memes)
Blogging Increases Brainpower —Film at 11: Meg's recent column (see previous post) sports a cross-link to a May 31 item by science-fiction writer and bOing bOing editor Cory Doctorow that is also part of O'Reilly's Blogging Essentials, due out any day now. In it he describes the benefits he derives from blogging, calling his blog his "outboard... (Memes)
Do We Need 'Professional' Bloggers?: In her Megnut column at O'Reilly Net, Meg suggests that the time has come for companies to hire professional bloggers to project their news and outreach into the blogosphere: It's time to take blogging to the next level and that starts with paying people to produce high-quality, focused blogs for commercial... (Memes)
Lawrence Lessig's Copyright Talk: I finally got around to playing back Lawrence Lessig's copyright talk from the Open Source conference, following a pointer from bOingbOing. Cory is right. It's a great talk, well honed, and one of the best slide decks of that type that I've ever seen. Not sure why I like it so... (Memes)
Adding Category Links to Radio Entries: I'm attempting now to include a list of the categories associated with each entry, following a pointer from Matthew Ernest to a script by Marc Paschal. For me, this is like following a recipe without really understanding the stove, so if it doesn't work I hope it doesn't screw up the... (Weblog Concepts)
Housekeeping (and Planning Ahead): Just nabbed and (, of course, was already taken) at my favorite domain-name registrar.... (Weblog Concepts)
Keyboard for Those on the Move: In one of my (ironically, typo-laden) earliest entries in this blog I discussed the difference between typing and writing, and the fact that I write with my left hand but type with both. The New York Times today covers a patent for a one-handed "stealth keyboard" that is more like a... (Memes)
Will the Real 'Talking Points' Please Stand Up?: Scott Rosenberg's Links & Comment this morning notes that the Washington Post is stepping on Joshua Micah Marshall's brand: Today Marshall notes that the Washington Post has begun running an online column with the name "Talking Points." Talking point for Post editors: Time to rethink that.... (Salon Bloggers)