November 17, 2003

VC's want their B-L-O-G

Om Malik has some scoops on GigaOm: Essays: For VCs, Blogging is the Next New Thing. He writes about the newfound interest VCs have for blogs and links to some good related reads.

Back at the beginning of October I met the people behind Six Apart at a meeting here in NYC and was pleasantly surprised to meet Joi Ito, the VC brains behind TypePad. In my short conversation with him and Anil Dash I got a smidgen of sense of where all of this potential VC madness could be headed for: a synergy between instant publishing, mobile components and Wi-Fi. So in effect, VCs are not looking at blogs as single products but as the links to a myriad of developing technologies.

My question is, what with the alleged money thrown at Friendster, are we headed for another 1999?

Posted by liza at November 17, 2003 4:05 PM

Contrast that with the decidedly understated self-promotion that Nick Denton has managed. While ostentatiously not fanning the hyper flames, he has managed to get good press from the heaviest New York hitters, as in today's front-page-of-the-Business section showing him pointing to a kinja screen mockup with Peter Rojas (who writes Gizmodo) and Meg Hourihan (who's working on Lafayette/Kinja) looking on studiously.

I'll insert a link to the UserLand-friendly, non-rotting New York Times URL if I can dig it up.

Posted by: xian at November 17, 2003 4:46 PM
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