January 27, 2004

Relaunch as new blog

I just commented on the last entry but that doesn't notify anyone, so thought I'd iterate her that I'm happy to archive off the legacy RFB and relaunch in a new clean setup, though I'd have to tweak the search a little, I think.

Hey, who added the categories? Good idea! Now they need to show up in the templates...

Posted by xian at January 27, 2004 11:03 AM
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On this day in 2006
It's not nice to fool Mobhappy blogger: The How Not To Deal With Blogs: A Case Study entry by Carlo Longino at MobHappy provides a perfect object lesson in how to get on the bad side of bloggers when dealing with them straight would have been much smarter.... (Best Practices)
On this day in 2005
Technorati tags plug-in for MarsEdit: The divine Laura Lemay has given us MarsEdit users a great shortcut for adding technorati tags as keywords. I'm going to add some as I post this (from a bookmarklet) and then reopen the post in MarsEdit to activate the key words. If and when it works, they will apear at... (Web services)
On this day in 2003
Radically reinterpreting the pornographic soundtrack: Today in artsflow: A musician friend told me over lunch at LMNOP in Oakland the other day that PornOrchestra had launched. The project involves composing and improvising new soundtracks for existing porn films. I interviewed PornOrchestra spokesmodel Shannon Mariemont to find out more about where this idea comes from and where... (Memes)
Altered State of the Union: San Francisco based film maker and photographer Bijan Yashar will be projecting George W. Bush's State of the Union address in real time onto the wall of the Shell Station at Market and Sanchez. He will filter the live speech through a camera utilizing extreme and shifting angles to "reveal implicit... (Politics)
My country right or left: Matthew Riemer, writing in YellowTimes.org, debunks the notion that criticism of American foreign policy is inherently anti-American.... (Politics)
Stirring the savage breast. A: Stirring the savage breast. A musician friend told me over lunch at LMNOP in Oakland the other day that PornOrchestra had launched. The project involves composing and improvising new soundtracks for existing porn films. There will be several live performances and the project coordinators welcome contributing musicians, composers, and artists. I... (Miscellany)
Sleepless Planet's call for submissions.: Sleepless Planet's call for submissions. Warren Ellis announces SLEEPLESS PLANET in his die puny humans blog, calling it "a one-year-long nonprofit webmagazine about creativity and activism on the web and any other bloody thing I feel like. It pays no money. It provides only the opportunity to show what you do... (Storytelling)
Ishle unplugged. While I didn't: Ishle unplugged. While I didn't manage to stay long enough to see all three bands (I missed Zmrzlina and Sonny Smith) at Watchword's Dec 8 event at Café du Nord, I did catch Sam Tsitrin's new combo, Ebb and Flow, who presented a fluid velvet beefheart groove style, and I heard... (Storytelling)
Killer serial. Dylan Tweney reports: Killer serial. Dylan Tweney reports that Stanford is re-publishing facsimiles of the original broadsheet serialization of Charles Dickens' novel Great Expectations. A new edition comes out every Wednesday. It's retro tech! Read it or subscribe on Stanford's Dickens site.... (Miscellany)
New reading series in San: New reading series in San Francisco. Wednesday, December 4th at 7:30 pm 2390 Mission Street Suite #10, at 20th and Mission $2 New Series    New Writing///a creative//    new series of readings by some of the BayArea's most talented writers   plus a free chapbook at every readingtonight's fabulous readers:Chaim Bertman, Sasha Cagen, Stephanie Young, Liz... (Storytelling)
True dat. What do you: True dat. What do you call a garden blog written by two people, discussing their plans, decision, thoughts, reflections, illustrated with digital images of the two gardens or the plants in them, with links to other gardening resources and the few (very few) other easily-findable examples of literate garden writing online?... (Storytelling)
Which dreamt it?. Before it: Which dreamt it?. Before it disappears, go and read Literary Devices by Richard Powers, published in cooperation with Zoetrope. Borges suggested that the reader writes Dante, Shakespeare, Cervantes. The software that drives battle scenes in the Lord of Rings trilogy approaches the kind of interactive storytelling landscape presaged in this witty,... (Miscellany)
New arts journal: Princeton Independent.: New arts journal: Princeton Independent. Princeton University hosts an alumni network service called TigerNet, featuring mailing lists among other services. One such list is called Princeton-Writing and serves as a kind of coffeepot for writers. Eric Lubell, a writer from the Princeton class of '76, felt that alumni are not especially... (Storytelling)
Watchword Issue 4 Release Party: Watchword Issue 4 Release Party at Café du Nord (in S.F.) on December 8. Watchword Press is proud to annouce the release of their fourth issue of Watchword by hosting an exciting evening of literary entertainment featuring contributors Ishle Yi Park, Maw Shein Win, and Stephanie Young. Also, come hear the... (Storytelling)
ASPEN MAGAZINE interpreted for the: ASPEN MAGAZINE interpreted for the Web. Small world department, my cousin A.P. Crumlish, who runs bend of bay, forwards me this Ubuweb announcement about Andrew Stafford's adaptation of ASPEN MAGAZINE for the Web. Readers of this space will recall that Stafford is also responsible for the brilliant Making Sense of Marcel... (Miscellany)
'Coffeehouse' reviewed five years down: 'Coffeehouse' reviewed five years down the road. Wred Fright at Babel Magazine writes a round up of books derived from online e-zine publishing in From A to Zine, but finds most of the content of Coffeehouse unremarkable.... (Miscellany)
'Nature Lover, or Something' by: 'Nature Lover, or Something' by Richard Brautigan. If a mailing list called "The Richard Brautigan poem of the day" existed, which it doesn't for copyright purposes, today's poem might be this: Nature Lover, or Something I am not particular. I like whatever the sky happens to be doing at the time.... (Miscellany)
'So Far, So Close' (Call: 'So Far, So Close' (Call for contributors). e-critures.org sez: CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE PROJECT: "SO FAR, SO CLOSE"Due to the speed of today«žs new media, the dematerialization of contents, as well as the monitoring of bodies and places, there is no distance, only proximity.Nudity, transparency, the quest for intimacy, the... (Miscellany)
S.F office space available. from: S.F office space available. from Watchword Press: Office space: As some of you may know, over the last year we have shared an office space complex with Bitch magazine, To-Do List, and another community organization. Sad for us, Bitch is moving to Oakland. As a result, two (quite affordable) office spaces... (Miscellany)
Test of metaxian trackback egopendium,: Test of metaxian trackback egopendium, Take 2. Apologies for the duplicate post. I will remove these if this works: If this works, then metaxian will include a reference to this post. ... If it doesn't, I will learn more about how to ping a site with TrackBack automatically, won't I? Or... (Best Practices)
IMMEDIATE ATTENTION NEEDED:: When I get memejoke mail from both my merry punsters list and my antiweb list, I figure it's circulating pretty widely. This one in fact has already made it to the mass media so I'm probably a good few weeks late on this at least: HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL FROM: GEORGE WALKER BUSH... (Memes)