March 24, 2005

Glassdog challenges Boing Boing to come clean

Quoting from Boing Boing, Ka-Ching Ka-Ching:

The thing is, it really is about love. They’ve been at it for too long for it not to be. Which is exactly why they need to come clean, why they need to explain themselves, to correct the lingering white lies. I don’t care how many ads the site has, I don’t care how much money they make - I care that the justification for them is so wildly misleading, so ridiculously so out of date. So - forgive the term - corporate. So PR.

Ponyboy makes a good point. No one begrudges Boing Boing paying its own way, but it can't have its indie cred and eat it too.

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From Boing Boing under attack:

2005 Bloggies Blog of the Year award winner Boing Boing is under attack on two front today, both distinctly related to their status as a blogging favourite. In the blogoshpere, GlassDog takes BoingBoing to task over its status as a "widely popular ...
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